Day #9 Split Croatia

Today we were in Split Croatia. Veronica and I got up and had some breakfast before going down a few decks to where they were loading up the boats to tender us into the city. Unfortunately I got sick after being in Split for a couple of hours. I am not sure what happened but I decided to sit down on some steps. I stayed sitting on a concrete step with my head lowered between my knees for about an hour and ten minutes. Eventually I started to feel well enough where I could stand up but I was still uneasy on my feet. I wasn't about to come all this way just to give up and give in to being sick. So we ended up heading out on foot again and we walked around for about another hour or so. We decided to call it quits around Noon. We still had a lot of big cities to see yet and a couple of big excursions left on our itinerary before our cruise was finished so we did not want for me to push things too far where I would get real sick and get to the point where I could not continue at all.
We end up back in our cabin shortly after noon. I went to bed and got some rest. I woke up feeling much better. We went and had some diner and then went to see a show. After the show, we got some desert and then it was back to the cabin for the evening.
Tomorrow we would be visiting the walled in Old Town of Dubrovnik with a couple that we had met on our excursion to Murano/Burano...Ray and Laura.
Here are some photos of the time we spent in Split, Croatia:

This is one of the several tender boats that took us back and forth from the ship to the shore

They had a huge farmers market going on all over the place


Tender boat from the NCL Jade



The water was an amazing blue color
Sunset photos from Split Croatia

Another towel animal from Pepito

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