Day #8 Koper Slovenia

Today we spent the day walking around in Koper Slovenia. It was an interesting city but unfortunately it was a Sunday and a majority of the stores were closed down. We had previously made reservations at Cagneys, which is a really nice surcharge steak house restaurant on the NCL Jade. Veronica and I get all dressed up. We always have a late celebration of our anniversary when we go on our cruise and it is usually done at Cagneys. The food is really good there. At the end of our meal...the wait staff and others join in song to celebrate our anniversary and then present us with a cake. We also get one of the wait staff to take our photos while we are there. This year we met and made friends with a very nice gentleman who is the manager at Cagneys by the name of Melroy. Melroy is one of those friendly people that you meet and instantly like. So a big shout out to our friend Melroy, in Cagneys Steakhouse on the NCL Jade!!
After our meal we walked around a bit and then retired to our cabin for the night.
Below are some photos from our day spent in Koper, Slovenia:

Was kind of surprised to find a couple of "headshops" in town

Those shoes look very familiar

Another headshop

The streets and restaurants look quiet in the photos but it got really busy as the day went by

There is usually a farmers market going on but since today was Sunday there was no market

There are those darn feet again. They seem to be following us around everywhere we go
  A map of the city




  Not again???

I am always looking for the next shot

See what I mean

I don't think a caption is needed for the next few photos


Here we are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary in Cagneys Steakhouse restaurant on the NCL Jade. The food here was really good.


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