Day #1 Day At Sea On Our Way To Corfu, Greece

Today was a day at sea for us, which means a day of rest and relaxation. A chance for us to catch our breath from all of the running around that we have done so far flying from the U.S. to Italy and then spending a couple of days seeing as much of Venice as possible. We welcome a day off.
We had to turn our clocks an hour ahead last night.
Our cabin was extremely quiet last night which mean that I finally got some sleep. We used our Ipad and a couple of 5 watt speakers to provide us with some background noise to help us sleep. We had previously downloaded a sleep program that has about 100 different sounds that you can use singularly or in any numbers together to provide what amount of background noise needed to assist you in falling asleep. Whether it be a storm with light or heavy rain or the waves crashing onto the beach, a fan running or wind chimes....whatever you choose. They have bunches to pick from and the 5 watts was more than enough sound to cover my snoring or any other noise that might be out there...not that i snore on vacation mind you. I ended waking up around 8:30 while Veronica who had been extremely tired, ended up sleeping until 11:30....that's what days at sea are for.
We went up to the Spinnaker Lounge for a bit to do some reading. This lounge area is also used as an observation deck area along with a multi function room....everything from bingo to dance classes to trivia games are held here.
After staying in the Spinnaker Lounge for a while, we wen back to our cabin for a bit before going to the Jasmine Restaurant for some Asian food.
After dinner Veronica and I sat out back on the 12th deck. The 12th deck has the large buffet dining room and they have the Great Outdoors...a smaller buffet in the back of the ship with about 30 tables that are mostly under cover. It is really nice sitting out back at night and you aren't far from a small bar that they have out there for our diet sodas.
After staying out on the back deck for a while we retired to our cabin for the night.
We wanted to get our backpacks and everything ready for our first port of call tomorrow morning. We would be heading into Corfu, Greece in the morning.
We had someone take our picture in the Jasmine restaurant...unfortunately the lighting was not very good
 We were currently in the Adriatic Sea and the color of the water was beautiful

 This is the area on the 12th deck Aft where there is a small bar and also a smaller buffet area called the Great Outdoors. This area is adjacent and also part of the larger Garden Cafe buffet.
 This was a great area at night to relax and read 
 Our room steward, Pepito, started our towel animals off small but he progressed to bigger ones as the days went by...more towel animal photos to follow

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