New Project Completed

Veronica had a lot of Copic markers, colored pencils, gel pens, bic markers and other assorted writing and coloring instruments that she uses for her artwork. It had got to the point that she was having a hard time keeping track of and finding whichever specific item that she needed to use on a project.
Veronica had found a DIY (Do It Yourself)  project, where for a minimal amount of money and a couple of trips to Home Depot, I could put together a storage system that would neatly keep all of Veronica's pens and markers in one location and readily accessible when needed  
These are a few of the many pens and pencils that Veronica has and how they were previously stored

At Home Depot the below shown hardware and a plastic eggcrate fluorescent light louver were purchased. We also purchased an Art Bin brand plastic storage container for this project.


After cutting the eggcrate louver sheet into 2 shelves of the same measurements, the shelves were put together using the hardware obtained at Home Deport.

 The attached and completed shelves were placed within the Art Bin brand storage container 

The eggcrate louvers were cut so that it ended up a square shaped storage area that was 19 x 19 little square openings. This made a storage container that could hold 361 pens, markers or pencils. 


Below is the storage container neatly organizing the different styles of pens, markers and pencils. Unfortunately some of the coloring instruments were too tall for this particular storage unit.

Because we needed a deeper storage unit for the longer coloring instruments, we converted a less rigid storage bin into a large coloring instrument storage unit. The same hardware and eggcrate louvers were utilized for this storage unit as those used for the more rigid unit that housed the shorted coloring instruments.
The second unit holds approximately 2oo of the longer coloring instruments. There is even room in each of these units for expansion.
Veronica divided the instruments by type ands/or brand of coloring instrument. She divided the coloring pencils into color hues/shades and because of the diameter of the pencils, she was able to put 2 in each of the eggcrate sections with the pencil points in the up position thus making it easier for her to see and pull the color that was needed to be used in her artistic creative endeavors.
Now any time that Veronica needs a specific coloring instrument, she knows exactly where to find the item.  


Vicki said...

That is too freakin' awesome, Rick! Can I order one?

Laura said...

This is fantastic! I'm going to Home Depot! Thanks for the instructions, as I really would like to be able to carry my Copics between work and home without having to dig for them in my bag.

Sandra Wong said...

Thanks for the clear instructions. I did just build this... and there must be different types of that florescent light covers from Plaskolite. When I put my copics in there they fit fine going in... a very snug fit mind you. But when I go to pull out my copics, the pen cap fall off the bottom and I have to pull the whole unit up to get the pen cap, then all the markers fall through. I also scratch up my hand where I cut the plaskolite. This was really too frustrating to use with copics, so I just put in every other pen type I had. Didn't anyone else have this issue?

Rick Rosenshein said...

Hi Sandra,
I am not sure if the company makes the covers with different size squares or not. My wife uses hers all of the time. She said that you might want to try to put the pens in at angle and when taking them out try removing them at a slight angle also. I hope that helps you out. Rick

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