What A Morning!!!

  • Wow...what a morning. Woke up at 2:50 this AM to pain in my low right side and front of my abdomen. I figured it might be gas not that I ever have anything as absurd as that. Walked around, sat on the stairs, went back to bed and basically could not find a comfortable position. After taking a bunch of antacids and some chewable GasX, I tried to decided whether to wake Veronica up. She has been on the go for 3-4 weeks now and is exhausted. Today was her first day of where there was absolutely nothing going and she could sleep late. Well...leave to me to mess that up for her. After holding off as long as I could, I finally had to wake her up...it might have been around 4-4:15. Told her what was going on and we did some research via Google. The pain started getting worse and we decided to go to the hospital. When we got there the ER was completely empty. I was in a bed within 15-20 minutes at most...I think that might be some sort of new record. One Saline bag later, 4 shots of morphine(smiles and giggles), one shot of Toradol and something to fight off nausea from the morphine, one pee test, 2 xrays, 2 ultra sound procedures, shift changes for both the ER(s) and nurses, one DOA and 1 one young lady that fell down 3 floors of an elevator shaft(no idea)...I was finally with a minimum one 1 kidney stone. I was finally sent packing with 3 pharmacy scripts and some additional info on what a kidney stone is, we headed to the closest pharmacy to have the scripts filled. Then it was time for something to eat so we briefly hit Dunkin Donuts...let me tell you...nothin like DD when you are dealing with a kidney stone.
    When we finally got home, we were only interested in getting some sleep. Was doing ok at sleeping until we got a call from my family doctor that was letting me know that she was canceling my upcoming appointment and we would have to re-schedule...believe me I know....hard to believe that a doctor would cancel an appointment because they won't be available. That call was enough to wake me up to the point that I couldn't fall back asleep. Only thing left is keep myself medicated to the point of drooling on myself and feeling no pain, drink my weight in liquids and hope that this stone will pass in the near future. Just wanted to give you an update. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. PS- Sorry honey for keeping you from getting the rest that you have earned and causing you to be more exhausted that you already are. I will somehow find a way to make it up to you

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