Update To My Update On My Kidney Stone issue

After writing my last blog entry about my stubborn kidney stone issue, I decided to go back to bed around 5AM this morning.
I just kind of laid there for over an hour and finally dozed off for about 15 minutes.
I then decided to get up for good. No sense waisting time trying to sleep when it wasn't going to work.
Veronica and left the house around 7:30 and headed to Elizabeth City to the hospital there.
This is where I was supposed to have my surgery.
Before leaving the house, I made sure that I took along the kidney stone that finally decided to make a surprise appearance at the 11th hour.
Once at the hospital, I was checked in a given a room along with the usual hospital garb to change into.
After completing various paperwork along with all of the other semi preparation stuff that they do before surgery, I had some quiet time before my doctor showed up.
After some discussion and looking at the problematic stone that I proudly presented to him, it was decided that he would do some stat blood work and a ultra sound that was to be read stat before getting into any serious prep for my scheduled surgery.
The blood test was to check on the level of the chemical that had gone much higher than was comfortable and gauged how much function my right kidney was working at.
If the stone that i had presented to the doctor was indeed the stone that was causing the blockage and the chemical level to rise, then by passing this stone, the chemical level should have dropped to almost normal by this time.
As it turned out, the ultra sound test came back good and the chemical level dropped to almost a normal level.
The test results along with the stone in hand, was enough for the doctor to cancel my surgery.
There was a lot of whooping and hollering going on between Veronica and ...at least in our minds and hearts. We were very thankful that I averted this surgery.
Although I am sure that the surgery would have turned out fine, there are so many variables involved in any surgery, that I always am concerned any time they put me out for any type of procedure.
We did not even have to wait to be officially signed out of the hospital because I was only semi officially signed in.
After getting an appointment slip to see my Urologist this next Wed, I quickly changed clothes and ran for the doors before anyone decided that a mistake had been made and I did indeed need to have the surgery done.
On the way home, Veronica and i stopped at a roadside Farmers Market where we bought some gourds to decorate and some fresh vegetables.
Once again life was good  and now we could focus on the upcoming "Frankenstorm" also known as Hurricane Sandy...a current Category 1 hurricane that was to run up the East Coast or possibly make landfill in the Mid Atlantic states or maybe New Jersey before heading up to the New England states. Still unknown was the exact path of this storm but I have already brought in our outdoor furniture from our 3 floor balcony.
No matter what this storm does or where it tracks, at least Veronica and I will be together during this weather event.
Like I said...Life is good.

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