Saturday 09/15/2012 Our Day In Copenhagen

Upon landing at the Copenhagen International Airport, it was a Saturday morning around 7:30 and we gathered up all of our luggage from the carousal and went to fetch our CPH Advantage card that I had signed up for online prior to our leaving home for this vacation.
The CPH Advantage card provides you with the opportunity to get discounts at various locations in Copenhagen. We mainly got it for the free Wi-Fi that you can get at the airport. For us it would be handy to have the free Wi-Fi for our time spent in CPH awaiting our flight to return Home.N
With our card in hand, the next thing to do was to find a taxi to take us to the Copenhagen Marriott hotel where we had a room booked for the night.
Outside of the Arrivals Terminal, we found a long line of taxis in all shapes, colors and sizes.
It was no problem getting one to readily take us to our hotel.
The taxis ride from CPH to our hotel wasn't very long....maybe a 15 minute drive.
Upon our arrival at this hotel, we knew that our rooms would not be ready that early in the morning.
We ended leaving all of our luggage in a safe room that the hotel's concierge service provided us. Before securing our luggage in this safe room, we gathered up whatever belongings that we would need for a full day spent in Copenhagen....backpack, a secured pocketbook, cameras and of course some local currency along with our government issued IDs and passports.
After washing up a bit it was off we went to rediscover parts of Copenhagen that we had seen 2 years prior, on our Baltic Capitals cruise and to discover new exciting sites that we had never seen before. Veronica and I had mapped out a basic route that was approximately 4 miles long and this distance would be spread out over the course of a day. Like usual for us, this route was just a basic guide for our days journey and for the most part we didn't adhere to it but only used it to kind of guide to lead us in the right directions for things we wanted to see. We always veer off course every chance we get in order to find something new and different to see and/or photograph and this day was no different that any other day we are on vacation.
Our hotel was situated along a large canal on the backside of the hotel and the front faced Tivoli Gardens which was less than a half mile away and could be seen from our eventual room.
We started walking up the canal in the direction of Nyhavn, which we had visited the last time we were in Copenhagen. We very much enjoyed the area and wanted to see it again. We started taking photographs from the time we landed in CPH until the time we landed back home?
Veronica and I also started  our own special tradition where we find something like a manhole cover or other historical or special marker that is embedded into the street or ground or any other place where we can put both of our feet near whatever marker or reminder that we find and then take a photograph of both of our feet with that marker. This way we can document where we have travelled together and this was thought this trip along a few others that we have taken together.
After spending time in the Nyhavn area, we headed to the Stroget area, which is a very long pedestrian only shopping street. Of course we strolled off the beaten path several times in search of new things to see throughout the course of the day.
After spending quite a bit of time on the Stroget and surrounding streets, it was time to head over to Tivoli Gardens, a place that we didn't get to visit the last time we were in Copenhagen.
I don't remember how much it cost us to go into Tivoli but it really wasn't that much for all that you get to see and do. We didn't go on any rides but we saw some amazing sites and and got some great videos and photographs. We walked out of Tivoli Gardens with so many other memories that going on rides really did not matter to us. If you ever get a chance to visit Tivoli Gardens, make sure that part of your time is spent in the evening hours when it starts to get dark. That is when Tivoli is at its best...when they turn the lights on..really beautiful.
You should also note that Tivoli Gardens gets busier and more crowed as it starts to get darker and later in the early evening.
We started walking back to to hotel around 7:30 or so and arrived back around 8:00.
We officially checked in and had our luggage delivered to our room before heading downstairs to have dinner in the bar area where they had food more to our liking than in the actual restaurants dining room.
While we were eating, the very long day began to catch up to us and we began to fade fast.
We finished our meal and headed upstairs to our room. Our room was very nice and tastefully decorated in the traditional minimalist Danish design.
From our room we could see the lights of Tivoli Gardens and some of the high towering
rides that carried the delighted squealing tourists and locals.
This sight was a great end to an exciting day.
veronica and I both were exhausted and nestled into our Danish bed for a good nights sleep.
We would need it, because tomorrow would come way too soon and early for us and the day would be full of new adventures and the official start of our cruise.

They were doing repair work to the building below and had what looked like some type of fancy webbing that was draped on the side of the building to keep anything from falling on people below. 

This is something that Veronica came up with. Anywhere we go together, we always find something in the street, sidewalk or on the ground that can be used as a symbol, marker or reminder of where we were together. You will see this throughout the remainder of my blogging days. So if you see it, you will know what it is. I think that Veronica came up with a really fantastic idea.

Nyhavn brings out the smiles in everyone

The big guy to the left of the door must have been this establishments bouncer. Why have this big brute around this early in the morning, when no one is around, is any ones guess.

We were in Nyhavn early enough that there were few people around at all

Below...13.52DKK is equal to $2.36USD. This is for 1 litre of gas. I believe that there are 4.2 litres in a gallon making a gallon of gas equal to $9.91USD

They had quite number of Hostels in the city

I am not really sure what was going on with this guy. I didn't hear him say anything but I did notice the bag and metal stand in front of him....hmmmm... 

McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, doesn't matter which country we went to, these business were everywhere

Not sure what this is called nor exactly what it is supposed to do other than what is obvious. If anyone out there knows, please leave me a comment with the answer...I would greatly appreciated it

We found this bakery and decided to stop by. The bakery was a French style and the pastry was really good

The little one is a Pistachio Macaroon and man was it full of flavor. Veronica and I split the little thing and would have loved to get a 12 pack of them but everything in Denmark was very expensive including these goodies. The bigger item is some type of Orange frosted thing with a light cream filling. Not sure of the name but if I had to put a name to it, it would be the Big Orange Yummy Thing!!

This is the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel that we stayed at. It was very nice. There is a wide canal that is on the back side of the building

Below are photos of our room...minimalistic but very sharp looking and overall a very comfortable room. We were very pleased.

And then the luggage arrived

I think Veronica was pleased with our room to or maybe she just loves to be on vacation

After going to the hotel and checking in, we went to Tivoli Gardens. Had a great time and stayed until it started to turn dark and they turned the lights on. That is the best time for photos. Unfortunately we had to head back to the hotel when it started turning dark. We had about a 1/2 - 3/4 mile walk  to get back there

Below is the Nimb Hotel which is rated number 1 in Copenhagen by Tripadvisor. Although we did not go in, but I wish we had, it looked very nice from the outside


They had a really nice marching parade. I also took some videos of the parade and they are at the bottom of this blog entry

Below is the Tivoli Gardens Fire Department

They had an oriental section in Tivoli

They had several rides to but we chose not to go on any of them. One ride was the tallest rising swing ride that I have ever seen. You could see it from outside our hotel room window

They also had a Pantomime Theatre and there was an actual show going on as we were leaving. Quite a number of people were there to watch it

Below is Copenhagen's Central Train Station...KĂžbenhavn

Below are various videos taken during our visit in Tivoli Gardens

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