Our First Bike Ride In Months

Yesterday I pulled our bikes down from their hooks that keep them out of the way in the garage and greased the chains and made sure that all was in order for our bike ride this morning.
Of course all of the tires were basically flat so I quickly got them filled up with air.
This morning Veronica and I put the bike rack on the car and secured the bikes on it and off we went.
We parked in the usual area which is near the small local airfield and the Wright Brothers Memorial.
Within 10 minutes the bikes were of the rack and everything was packed into Veronica's wicker bike basket and off we went.
We end up riding about 4.5 miles to a Dunkin Donuts, where we had a small bite to eat and something to drink and then it was back to the car we went.
I didn't do badly for the first real exercise in almost a month and especially since my recent bout with the kidney stone(s).
We ended up riding about 9 miles and had a good time.
While we were packing the bikes up for our return trip home, I heard the rumblings of a helicopter coming in our direction.
I grabbed Veronica's camera and pressed the movie button real quick as this big helicopter came flying over the runway at the local airport where we were parked.
Before we knew it the helicopter was long gone and we were on our way home.
Below is the video that I took:

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