Day 1 Of Our 2012 NCL Cruise Vacation

Today was a Sea Day. We were steaming our way to Bergen, Norway.
Veronica and I got up around 8 this morning and had breakfast at one of the main dining rooms.
We then decided to participate in some of the activities that they have on the ship.
We started off the day playing a trivia game, then came a scavenger hunt where they gave us a list of things that we had to take photos of throughout the ship. It included anything from a glass of ice, to taking a photo of people in the swimming pool, to taking a photo of the hotel director. The key was that we only had 20 minutes to get photos of as many things on our list and they were all on different decks of the ship.
Veronica and I did pretty well and came in 2nd place...losing by only one photo.We then went down to the jewelery shop where Veronica bought a bead for her Pandora bracelet.
We took it easy and relaxed most of the afternoon until it was time for us to go eat at one of the ships surcharge specialty restaurants...Il Adagio. We were celebrating a belated anniversary dinner which we had decided to do when our actual anniversary occurred...back in August.
We had a great dinner and at the end of it, everyone came out and sang an Anniversary song to us and then treated us to an Anniversary cake, which we took back to the room.
After dinner we went to watch the Newlywed of the activities that the ship puts on for the guests and some get to participate.
Veronica and I volunteered to be in the game and we came close to getting picked. After watching part of the game, we were glad that we did not get chosen because some of the questions that were asked were somewhat embarrassing.
We watched the show for a bit and then decided to go back to our cabin and get our stuff ready for our first port of call.....Bergen, Norway. This is where we would be meeting up with a friends of Veronica's from Facebook....Ellen Storevedt.
We went to bed early knowing that tomorrow would bring a full and active day.
During the course of the day, we also stopped by various locations on board and I took photos of as many menus that I could find. There have been numerous times that people has requested and asked others where they could find the menus on certain ships and if they were available online for viewing.
I figured that I would take photos of the menus from the assorted restaurants on the Sun and show them on my blog.
Not all of them came out that great because of the menus location and there was a lot of glare due to the lighting but I did my best.

Below is the Atrium of the NCL Sun. It is not as nice as some of the other Atriums that we have seen on other ships but the glass elevators were kind of cool.

They liked my playing so much that they had me back for an encore performance. 

 Below are photos from our Anniversary Dinner at Il Addagio. 
Actually this wasn't supposed to be our Anniversary Dinner but it turned out to be just that, although we had another later on in the cruise. Before the cruise, I had talked to an NCL rep on the phone and told her about our Anniversary plans for the cruise and she stated that she would have a cake for awaiting us at a restaurant that i had made reservations for. I had already made reservation for two separate dates in two specialty restaurants on being Il Italian eatery and the other being East Meets North...a steakhouse style restaurant.  The only reason we ended up in Il Adagio on the 2nd night at sea was because I had looked at what was being offered at the main dining rooms and nothing appealed to me at that time...which happens to me once in a while. Thus we ended up in Il Adagio. They had received word from the NCL rep that I had previously spoken to about my plans for a special meal and those at Il Adagio thought it was going to be this particular night. Had we known this, we would have dressed up for the occasion. As it turned out, this was the first of two Anniversary dinners we had. We dressed up for a dinner at Il Adagio later on during the cruise, got sung to for a second time and received a second anniversary cake. I would also like to mention that we ran into someone that we had met when we were on our first cruise back in 2009 on the Pearl. This was on an Alaska cruise and I had set up a vow renewal ceremony for Veronica and I. We had met a manager of one of the restaurants on the Pearl and her name was Grace. Little did we know that Grace was now the restaurant manager of Il Adagio on the Sun. It was great seeing Grace and having our paths cross an old friend. She was instrumental in both of our Anniversary dinners on this cruise. I would also like to thank another very kind and sweet young lady by the name of Leah who is the Hostess at Il Adagio. Both Leah and Grace were extemeley kind and friendly and we appreciated everything that they did for us. 

 I ended up eating alot of this stuff on our cruise...almost ever night was a Ceasars Salad but minus those long floppy things know as you can see by my pushing them to the side of the plate. A place they became quite familiar with as the cruise went on

 Chicken Parm

 Let the singing begin

Yes that is an anti seasick patch behind my ear
We had this for desert and took our Anniversary cake back to our cabin snacking on later 

 This is a different board from the one they had 2 years ago on the Sun but it does the same thing. You look at the restaurant you are interested in and it will show you how busy it is or when it isn't busy at all

Unfortunately I don't have these menus necessarily in order or together. Please click on each photo and they should enlarge for you, so that you can read rthem least that is my hope. 

Towel animals and chocolate. We got towel animals only about 3-4 times during our whole cruise. Veronica missed them from the times we used to get them nightly

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