And The Winner Is...

Well another Christmas day has come and gone. Each tree bulb has been carefully packed away, the garland carefully enclosed in a Hefty Cinch sack, ornaments wrapped and put away and of course our new tree has been returned to its original box and has found a new home in our computer room.
And of course the multitude of Santa 'dolls" that lined several of the steps on our stairways, have been wrapped up better than yesterdays garbage in large plastic garbage bags and placed inside a couple of wardrobe boxes for safe keeping until next year.
And least we not forget the ever present signs of sparkling glitter that seems to adorn each and every Holiday item that one can imagine. I mean really...what is Christmas without glitter.
If you haven't gathered yet...I am NOT a fan of glitter.
This stuff keeps on giving throughout the entire year. 6 months from now I will still see the delightful sparkle of glitter on our floors or on our bed even after using our vacuum dozens of times.
I consider glitter the cockroach of the adornment world. They will always be around.
As far as giving gifts go....each year that I give Veronica gifts, there seems to be at least one gift that has that "WOW" know the one or ones that I am speaking about...the look of quizzical anticipation when initially tearing the wrapping paper off aka the "what the heck could it be moment", the one(s) that cause the eyes to get big , the jaw to drop and the mouth to open but no words come out and then the OMG followed by the tears.
The gift when opened by the givee brings that "YESSSSS!!!!" moment to the giver. The giver instantly knows that indeed we have a winner and that he/she has done good.
This years "YESSSSS!!!!" moment was better than in past years.
This years winning gift was a 6 point, queen sized cream/pink Hudson Bay wool blanket that I gave to Veronica. It brought about every action that was described above.
Besides the gift of love, what better gift could a person give another...the gifts of warmth and of bringing back loving memories of times gone by long ago.
With this gift I got it right. But it sure will put the pressure on me to get it right next year.
Oh year. When all that was carefully wrapped, packaged and stored away will once again be brought out to see the light of day.
Oh year. When the next round of glitter invades our home and permeates every nook and cranny within these walls.

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Barbra Joan said...

Oh Rick leave it to you to get V that perfect gift... Happy New Year to both of you.. love and hugs
Barbra Joan

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