Major Update To Hurricane Irene

The latest out of the weather channel is good news.
Before the hurricane was supposed to hit tomorrow afternoon and evening and Hurricane Irene was supposed to come in as a category 2 storm.
The latest news is that Hurricane Irene will hit later on tonight and be around through tomorrow but it will arrive ashore as a Category 1 storm, with maximum sustained winds of 100mph. That is a huge difference from the 115mph winds that we were going to get. Those measly 15 mph makes a big difference in the amount of damage that could have occurred.
We were planning on sleeping in our own bed tonight but with this latest breaking news, we might have to sleep "Command Central" tonight....1st floor interior bathroom which has a floor space of no more that maybe 3' wide by 6' long. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get some video taken of the winds from the safety of our garage.
More updates to follow.

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