Big Day Ahead Of Us Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a big day for Veronica and I. We will get up early and head to our local WalMart for some early morning shopping.
If that isn't enough to get your heart a thumpin then nothing will.
Naw...that's not the exciting part but had you wondering if I had finally lost that last marble I had pigeon holed away up in the old noggin.
Actually...after going to Walmart we will head to Norfolk, VA so that I can get back with my old Oncologist.
It is an important day because I finally feel like I am getting one step closer to some sort of bona fide diagnosis as to what is ailing me.
I realize that there is a good chance that I will need a prostate biopsy but you know what....I am actually looking forward to that too.
Now there goes that last marble!!!
The only reason I am looking forward to it is because if I have a more serious problem down South, the sooner I address the issue, the sooner I get better. So believe it or not, a Prostate Biopsy might be the best thing that could happen to me right now.
Sounds like shear craziness I know but hey, if you have been a constant reader of my blog, you would expect nothing less from me.
I will let everyone know how it goes tomorrow.
I want to Thank Jo for the Jimmy Buffett link on her blog. She had read that Veronica and I were going on May 26th and she had recently been to one of his concerts.
To visit Jo's blog just click here...  Life After Retirement  Thanks again Jo!

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budh.aaah said...

I like your attitude. Thats the spirit. I am not regular now Rick but have been following you on and off. Will take a while yet till I bounce back. Meanwhile you two take care and enjoy life. Am sending loads of good wishes and prayers your way.

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