Update On My Gear

I finally got another batch of my gear back from that so called "friend". I suspect that will be all that gets returned to me.
I am thankful that I got back what I did but there are still items that are missing and that I will never see again. 
I guess that I will never understand why someone who has access to some of the best fishing gear around, and gets some of it free by his own words, or with a discount, would feel the need to use my gear. Especially knowing that I have to buy my own just like most other fishermen...no freebies and no real discounts other than normal sale prices.
The best reason that has been given me is..."because you told me I could use it". Yes that would be true but I never would have thought that he would take it, incorporate it into his own gear, use it to the point that it was all banged up and was not even close to the shape it originally was in, then make me jump through hoops to get a portion of it back.
I am very glad that I found out what this "friend" was truly like before I made any other really stupid decisions that deal with him. The best thing for me to do right now is to put this jerk in my rear view mirror and keep going forward.
Enough said about that subject.


budh.aaah said...

Arghh! I wrote such a long comment and it got lost.

So your Vegas trip is coming near eh. Hope you guys enjoy a lot and hope to see some great posts on that.
Congrtas to your friend on his new blog-will go and see it tomorrow.

So thats how 'friends are nowadays hmm. That guy broke your trust and tried to hog the stuff. Makes it kinda hard for one to want to trust again. But I hope not because its hope and trust thats making this world go round and keepin it sane.

India tour said...

Liked your post very much.

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