A White Day After Christmas

Veronica was hoping for a white Christmas. We did get some snow but it came about 15 hours too late. Below are photos of what our most recent storm left behind. Not what you would expect for a sun, sand and ocean area.

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budh.aaah said...

Storm? Wow. But now it looks all peaceful and beautiful while blanket like. but hmm maybe it should have come a bit early so that it could be a thoroughly white christmas for you. Oh yes definitely one can look back and fondly remember the winters during the summers and its sweltering heat.

I wish you both loads of love, joy and happiness this coming year.

I will be away at my mom's for the first week of jan starting tomorrow so will miss outagain on your wonderful posts :( I missed these because had a long weekend sat,sunday, monday too at her place..Bye

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