The Seasons Are Changing And So Am I

As I get older, I have come to realize even more, that my body does not like cold weather.
My body works better and I feel better when the temperatures are higher.
It is so much easier for me to go for my walks in the Summer. I just throw on a pair of shorts, grab my Ipod and something to drink, flip on my shades and out I go...feeling full of life and having some pep in my step.
It has started to get colder here. By colder I mean that I am out walking and it is 40-45 degrees out in the morning. So yes, it is colder than what is has been, but no where near what it will be and that thought alone sends shivers up and down my spine.
Yesterday morning it took me 25 minutes to figure out the right combination of layered clothing that would keep me warm outside along with allowing my thighs to pass by each other without having the sound of cloth rubbing or the feeling of wearing a cumbersome and loaded diaper.
I have also realized that the human body standing upright is not very aerodynamic. I have lost a bunch of weight but I feel like a full sail on a schooner as I try to walk against the 15-20 mph Northerly winds that are blowing directly at me, off of the bay.
I know that it will get worse as I get older and also as we get deeper into the cold weather season.
How I long for my youth again or how about a hut on a tropical island and a chimp bringing me a umbrella drink.
Hey Jimmy Buffet....if you happen to stumble upon this blog entry...give me a call. I know that you have the answer to my problems.


Frank Baron said...

Different strokes, Rick. I'm nearly the opposite. Heat fatigues me and I get extremely lazy in the summer. (It doesn't help that I've gained weight.)

When the temps get down to the 50s, 40s and below, I feel more energized.

And yep, layering is one of the keys to being comfortable. A lot of the new, foul-weather clothing available today is great too. Very lightweight, yet warm. The drawback of course, is it's pretty pricey.

Hang in there. Winter doesn't last forever.

budh.aaah said...

Aww I missed some posts. I did come for a dekko here a few days back but there wasnt anything new then. Thought maybe off to one of the many vacays you take with your wife :)

Yes I read about the yearly canada visit of yours. sounds like so much fun Rick. Sometimes I wonder whther my friend in states is right when she says that 'you havent experienced life at all'.

Hopefully someday..

Oh hope the pain is less and the walks easier, but it is a known fact that the cold weather brings out even the old aches and pains of yesteryears. Thats why yes, you and Veronaica should move to some warm about India ? :) :)

Oh I too drink coffee and tea all year round, cant do without my daily cuppa

All the best Rick. Keep it up.

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