Brief Health Update

Yesterday I went to my Oncologist to discuss the radiologist finding from the xrays that I had done for my hip and upper leg issues.
My oncologist showed me my xrays and pointed out areas that the radiologist had stated in his findings.
As it turns out, everything that the radiologist reports was in reference to my pre-existing condition that the radiologist was unaware of.
The doctor that wrote the order for the xray never made mention to the radiologist that I had Mast Cell Disease.
That is what the Radiologist was looking at and reporting as possibly bone cancer or Padgetts Disease.
With that scare behind me, now we need to work on finding out what is really wrong with my hip and upper right leg. The xray showed nothing that would give us an idea on what the problem is.
The next step will be an MRI, which my oncologist office will be setting up for.
Hopefully the MRI will show us whats going on, we can take care of the issue and move on to something more fun.

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budh.aaah said...

Great news Rick and Veronica! And thank God. It was a scare otherwise.

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