Day 4 Baltic Capitals Cruise- Day At Sea

Today we are on our way to our next port of call...Tallinn, Estonia.
Veronica and I plan on doing Tallinn on our own and by foot without using a formal excursion.
We will be spending most of our day discovering the sights of the Medieval section of Tallin also know as the Old Town.

Due to the fact that my leg and hip has been troublesome, we have decided to take a taxi from the pier up to the highest point in Tallinn...Toompea Castle. 
With all of the uneven terrain and cobblestone streets, we felt it would be much better to get a ride to the highest point and work our way down, rather than starting at the bottom and moving up. 

The sights and architecture of Old Town Tallinn should be great for photographs.

I never knew much of anything about Estonia until I looked up some information.
Between 1940-1944 Red Army Forces occupied and annexed Estonia into the U.S.S.R.
Between 1945-1991, the Soviets occupied Estonia and it was cut off from the West.
Between 1987-1988 the was what they called a "singing revolution" in Estonia which were large scaled protests against the Moscow rule that the Estonians were under.
On August 20th, 1991 Estonia declared its independence and the country immediately opened ties with the Western countries.
During the mid 1990s to present, Estonia had an economic transformation accompanied by widespread development of its IT infrastructure.
In 2004, Estonia joined the European Union and NATO.

Skype was also developed in Estonia.
Skype is a software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet.

Today we have nothing really planned. So we will find a peaceful and quiet place on board and just relax and read a book.
Tomorrow we go exploring.

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budh.aaah said...

Wow, 'Tallinn, Estonia' seem loke names straight out of a JRR tolkien book.
Sorry about the leg and hip pain, hope it didnt bother you too much. Hey thats a nice idea..starting from the top.

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