Hoping To Dodge A Bullet Or Should I Say A Hurricane

Veronica and I leave home on Monday afternoon, at which time we will head into Norfolk, VA and stay at a hotel.
We fly out of Norfolk early on Tuesday morning heading to Newark, NJ.
We will hang around at the airport in Newark until about 9PM Tuesday night. We will be boarding our Virgin Atlantic jet for our over night flight to London England.
Now this is how everything was and currently is planned out to occur.
There might be a slight problem with these plans.
It seems that mother nature might have some plans of her own.
It appears that what once was tropical storm Earl, is now Hurricane Earl...a category 1 hurricane.
Based on early projections, Earl should be in our general area around Thursday or Friday of this upcoming week.
The best case scenario is that this hurricane veers North and then Northeast thus taking it away from the Eastern coast.
No matter where it lands, hopefully it will be a minimal hurricane and that it will be a fast moving storm.
That way we can keep our plans intact. We should have a better idea about what is going to happen with this hurricane over the next couple of days.
Veronica and I will be keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that our vacation goes as planned.


budh.aaah said...

Dera Rick, hello after a long time. Good to be back.
I hope Earl just curls up and goes to sleep and you and Veronica have a swell holiday as planned..

budh.aaah said...

Oops..dear Rick

Rick Rosenshein said...

Thank you for returning to my blog. Looks like Earl will be here on Thursday but there is a fairly good chance that it might stay off of the coast as it travel North. Either way, it shouold be long gone by the time we fly out. Still have our fingers crossed. Rick

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