My New Toy To Better Health

Yesterday my new health toy arrived. I just got finished putting it together. This unit was relatively inexpensive as far as recumbent bicycles go. I got it through Walmart and it is a Marcy ME-709. The "computer" has very large numbers so it is easy to read and it has many different modes. This bike also has 8 settings so that you can make your workout more difficult. I will do my first workout on it, in a few minutes. I will be focusing on my distance more that anything else.
This unit will allow me to give my foot and my hips a break. This unit will also help me to achieve my latest goal of losing 12-14 more pounds.
I just finished doing my first workout with this bike. I did 12.5 miles on the number 5 setting. The highest setting is an 8. Of course I could not do it all at once. I needed to take a few 1 minute breaks every so often. I will build up in order to do it all at once. This bike is quiet and very easy to use and it gave me a totally different workout compared to my walking. I think that I am going to enjoy using my new toy.

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Doreen said...

I'm starting an exercise regimen as well. Good for you that you're starting one as well. I like stationary bikes they really work well if you stick to your routine everyday. At least it did work for me however, I had knee surgery and had to stop for a while. I've able to use the bike again now that my knees are okay. I lost 110 lbs. previously by using a stationary bike and great healthy diet. I guess I can vouch that it works! Come by and visit my blog and leave a comment. I love to hear others thoughts, feelings and opinions about my post topics. Chat with you soon...

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