Day 1 And Day 2 of Our 2010 Alaska Cruise Vacation

On the 1st and 2nd full day of our cruise, the days were spent cruising the Inside Passage and Sawyer Glacier. The scenery was beautiful.
Veronica spent some time in her favorite location on the ship...the Spinnaker Lounge which is also an observation area with some really comfortable lounge chairs, couches and even a bed.
She usually tries to get right up front on either side of the observation deck.
They have floor to ceiling windows around the whole observation deck.
In the middle of this deck is a dance floor. They have dance lesson there and utilize the area for other events such as bingo and towel animal making classes...yes I did actually attend one of those classes.
This is the view that I woke up to on one of the sailing mornings. It doesn't get much better than this.

Another smaller ship that was cruising along. I believe that I saw this same ship docked in the marina when we pulled into Juneau.

The scenery in Alaska is absolutely beautiful. Photographs do not do it justice at all.
Fog in the valleys

Here is the bed that was in the Spinnaker Lounge/Observation deck area
I guess that someone could take a nap on this bed but who would want to sleep through all of the beautiful scenery

A fishing boat that was in the area

As we got closer to Sawyer Glacier, we came upon some icebergs. They weren't huge but they were big enough to cause damage to our ship, had we run into one

We saw several waterfalls as we got closer to the glacier

I know that this would not fall into the scenery category but I thought that the "smokestacks" on the Pearl looked really cool

More waterfalls

I will let the next couple of photos speak for themselves. There is nothing that I could say that would add to their natural beauty.

I really liked how the clouds passed over and "through" the mountain tops.

Unfotunately we were not able to get close enough to see Sawyer Glacier. The closer we got, the more icebergs that were floating in the water. There got to be so many that the Captain felt that it would be unsafe to go any further

We saw this bear that was meandering near a beach. From where we were, it was just a little brown dot. I had to really "zoom in" to get close enough to actually see that it was a bear. We were told that they were just waking up from their Winter hibernation.
This is the La Cucina Italian restaurant where Veronica and I ate one night.

Next stop....Juneau


Gwei Mui said...

What an amazing place with some breth taking scenery - which your photos have captured. really must get to Alaska and see for myself

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Julia Foster said...

Indeed. it seems you have explored Alaska beautifully. The pics are just great and can inspire anyone of this land to travel

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