This Dog Is Really Barking

I did an awful lot of walking up and down the Vegas strip during our recent visit there. By the end of the day, my foot was barking at me for being so cruel to it and it let me know all about its displeasure with me. I did my best to make nice with it using Lidoderm patches...large patches that basically numb the sore areas and through the use of prescribed of course. Unfortunately my barking dog was not impressed with my minuscule attempts of keeping it happy. Flash forward a week later...went to my Podiatrist today and surgery is all set for 11/24...out patient. The surgery should be short and sweet...about 20 minutes from sleepy time until wakey wakey sleepy head. I will have to be off my feet...most of the time in my bed for about 3 weeks and then I need to wear my walking boot for about 4 weeks. These times are approximately. The doctor will know better as soon as he starts this procedure and finds out how tough the "band" in my foot is. Basically...if the "band" is tougher to penetrate, then the longer my rehab time will be. I may or may not have to go to physical therapy. It all depends on the outcome of the surgery. I will be very glad to get this surgery is done. These dogs have many places to take me over the upcoming year and I want to do it pain free.


flowrgirl1 said...

I hope that your down time is swift. Get well!

Barry said...

A damaged foot can be terribly limiting. I'm glad surgery with correct the problem but do not envy you the process.

May it be short and sweet, with a full recovery!

Rick Rosenshein said...

Hi Barry and flowrgirl1. Thank you for your well wishes. Rick

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