Flowers Of The Day

Here we have a Japanese Iris
Her are some daylilies of different varieties

Here are some Gladiolas

And last but not least...a Rose of Sharon


Barbra joan said...

Rick, you definetly have a green thumb. These are beauties ! I'm going to try to paint the white Rose of Sharon. It's calling to me ...

Toni said...

Rico ... I'm totally into these posts, but they leave me speechless. I mean, what DO I say in the presence of each of those gorgeous flower faces?

The Rose of Sharon -- I LOVED the Rose of Sharon.

anyway, I'm not ignoring you, Sir ... just soaking it all in.

California Girl said...

Arent' you in PA? Is it that much warmer there than in NH? I won't see lilies or glads til at least July. Yours are gorgeous! And we never have iris, lilies & glads bloom at the same time. Iris bloom early up here. I've never seen a Japanese iris. It's so intricate.

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