Why Does Verizon Allow This To Happen

As some of you might or might not know, about 3 weeks to a month ago, Verizon decided to shut down my internet account and I went without internet access for several days. As a result of their error, I ended up with 3 free months of internet access and a $100 pre-paid credit card...all of which I did receive. Today I received email notification that my most recent Verizon statement was available for my online viewing. I decided to take a gander of this statement. First thing i noticed was that it was more expensive than it should be, especially since I have 3 months of free internet access and I have only used up 1 of those months so far. Upon further review, I noticed something called "Enhanced Services". Under this category there was this written....
Date Apr 06
The charge for this "service" is/was $14.95 PLUS I got taxed on that amount which is an additional $ .75 bringing the total for this "service" to $15.70. I have no idea who would have attached this charge to my account. Neither Veronica nor I gave anyone permission to do this. Verizon acted like they had no idea what 3rd party company had done this but made it sound like it happens quite frequently. Verizon was more than willing to help me out with this issue. The Verizon customer service personnel removed the charged for this unwanted 3rd party service that I never requested and on top of that, this Verizon customer service personnel was going to send a letter to this unknown company stating that I did not want this service...did you catch the problem with this last sentence compared to who Verizon did not state was the 3rd party was. And for the icing on this Verizon cake...this Verizon customer service personnel told me that she would put a "block" on my account so that no other 3rd party business can charge me for services that I did not request. So the lesson to be learned from this event is....don't walk but run to where you pigeon holed your last phone bill and grab that magnifying glass on your way to the kitchen table, so that you can carefully review what extras have been attached to your phone bill without your permission. And one final word....SHAME ON YOU VERIZON!!!!

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