Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Savings Time and Age

Early Sunday morning we had to change our clocks and "Spring" forward for Daylight Savings Time. In years past, this change has had little to no effect on me, but for some reason this year I seem to be out of synch. I seem to be waking up earlier and getting to sleep a little later. It is nothing dramatic but my body seems to be more in tune to any kind of changes that go on. Maybe it comes with age. I just seem to be a step behind everything and everyone. Does anyone else out there have this problem when we have these time changes? I am sure that after a few weeks, my body will catch up to the time difference but for now, I guess that I will just have to deal with living in "sloth mode".
Veronica and I are going to Alaska in May. This trip will produce several time changes in a matter of 7 days...going from Virginia to the Seattle, WA and then any additional time changes in Alaskaand then back home again. I am sure that my body clock will need a vacation from my vacation.


kanmuri said...

You'll probably get used to it soon. In Japan we don't have daylight savings so in summer, it's dark at 7pm (it sucks).

flowrgirl1 said...

I like to stay up late and do not rise very early. I try to be out of bed no later than 9am but today it was actually difficult! My body clock is off but i adjust quickly. Im just happy for the extra sun!!!

budh.aaah said...

Wow you are going to Alaska. Would love to hear all about it once you are back.
As of now methinks that Alaska only has lots of snow and polar bears..

Barbra joan said...

its ok Rick, when you get to be my age your body won't even know the difference. ! lol!

♥ Kathy said...

I'm having a hard time with this time change too (and I usually don't). My brother lives in Alaska :) It's beautiful there..I hope y'all have a great trip!

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