Is It Spring Already?

This morning I woke up and it was 66 degrees. It is almost 9:30AM now and the temperature has gone up to 70 degrees. Here we are, well into January and it feels like Springtime. That is the way this Winter has gone so far. No real long lasting cold spells. The weather has reealy messed up the timing of some of the garden plants. Our dafodils have already broke ground. A cold front will be coming through in a couple of hours and that should bring the temperatures back down to a more normal level.


henzy said...

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Okie said...

That would've been awesome. It's been snowing for the last two days (not super hard, but at least something falling almost the whole time). We finally got a break in the clouds today, but I was still freezing on my commute.

Brrr....I wouldn't mind a warmer winter.

Anonymous said...

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Pisces said...

Well if you think spring in January isn't right then you should go to my home, Dubai, where summer is just around the end of January. While winter, or what is considered to be winter, is for only two months and if it lasts longer than that it is considered a blessing ... :D

I guess the world isn't big, but it is sure has different colors in every region of it.

Peace - Pisces

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