Sniff Sniff Cough Cough Hack Hack

Do these words sound familiar to you? Unfortunately they do to me. I have been fighting off a cold or some type of bug for several days now. Usually I just work through it and I end up paying for it in the end. It will usually get worse and last longer. This time I am going to take it easy and let it run its course. I will be back as soon as I am sniffle free.


Toni said...

Gawd, ack, you poor man. I think I'd rather have a broken limb than a cold with cough ... yea, definitely kick back and take it easy. Did you leave yourself ANY of all those cookies you baked for noshing under the covers?

Anna said...

Ouch I hope you get better!!!
Anna :)

Barry said...

Ah the joyful sound of winter!

Take it easy and get better soon!

PlantBuddy said...

Hope you feel better real soon Rick. Could it be an allergy? Often mimics a cold.

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