Sometimes It Is Better To Be Lucky Than To Be Good

Veronica and I have driven the Blue Ridge Parkway a couple of times. It is a very nice drive and besides the beautiful scenery, sometimes you get to view some wildlife. On one occasion, we came upon several cars parked on the side of the road adjacent to a large field that had a tree line just beyond it. Out on this hilly field were bunches of deer just walking around eating. You could see some people off in the distance kind of following the deer here and there. The deer did not seems to mind and they kept eating and moving away a bit, if anyone got too close to them. I got out of the car with my trusty camera in hand. I decided to follow a couple of deer that no one else seem interested in. I kept my distance so as not to scare the deer off. I ended following just one deer as it got closer to the tree line. I took a few photos, walked several feet and stopped to take a couple of more photos. Right before I was ready to call it quits, I saw the deer that I had been following squat down and before you knew it....Voila...the MONEY SHOT!!!

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