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The other night I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep and I began thinking about places that I have lived. This list does not include places that I have visited:
Indiana, Illinois, Conneticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Kansas, Michigan, Panama(in the military) & Texas. Out of all of these places Panama was the most interesting but Rhode Island would probably be my favorite. I actually lived in Wickford, RI. Wickford is a small historic seaport town. It is about 30 minute drive(about 13 miles away) to Newport, RI. I lived there when I was approximately 9 - 10 years old....around 1962-1963 or so. Many of the houses and buildings along the main street and in a several block area around the center part of town are on the historical registry. Although I was too young to appreciate my surroundings, now that I look back, it was a great place to live. I have been back a couple of times to visit the house my family used to live in, the town, Point Judith and surrounding towns, including Newport. I remember that every Summer, I believe it was in June, the whole town "closed down"...mainly the streets and they had an Arts Festival up and down the main street in the center of town and up and down a majority of the side streets. Artists from all around the New England area would show up. I learned how to swim at the town beach. I had my first Frozen Lemonade there...fantastic. Sledding and tabogganing down some really steep hills. Digging up worms and then walking for about 25 minutes to a "secret" pond in the woods where we would catch fish. Delivering newspapers with my brother and having 2 German Shepherd dogs "attack" me with one chomping on my butt. After getting paid for delivering those newspapers, walking to the drug store on main street.....getting a vanilla cola where they actually put the syrup in a cup and then put the cola in, and also getting a copy of the latest Mad magazine. Walking through the snow covered woods in order to get to school. Playing league baseball after school was over with. Ohhhh...those were good times I was just too young to realize it nor appreciate them. When I think of Wickford, I think of your typical New England seaport town that you would see in a magazine. One of these days I would like to go back and take some photos of the town and area. There are tons of photo opportunities there...older architecture along with scenic shots. For those who would like to explore Wickford a little more, here is a link to some web sites-
Wickford Village Association web site.:

History of Wickford Village:,_Rhode_Island

Wickford Art Association:

Photographic Tour of Wickford, RI:

This was the home that we lived in when we were in Wickford. My Dad bought this house for approximately $16,000 and after living in it for a couple of years, he sold it for approximately $22,000. When we lived there, the house was painted red with white shutters.

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