Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fancy Rose

Another rose that I grew in Metamora, MI. One of my favorites.


Acorn Seasons said...

Rick, I love this Rose! I am hoping to get roses in at Treehaven this spring. I know they are water intensive, but the hips are so wonderful in tea and the roses are so beautiful I just have to have them. It'll break up the sagebrush some. :D

PlantBuddy said...

Just been looking at all your gorgeous flowers. I must try those Spider Dahlias next summer. Never tried Glads yet.

Gypsy James said...

I haven't had chance to really read all your blog yet, but will make a bit of effort.

I just wanted to say that anyone who loves their roses can't be a muppet (!) so I'll come back & have subscribed to keep an eye on things...




janice_phil said...

whew!!! i love gardening too...these are awesome... i must imitate your presentation in ur beautiful garden

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