Canadian Vacation 2008 - Homeward Bound

Veronica and I woke up at 3:00 AM this morning so that we could make our 4:45 AM flight to start our journey home. Below are pictures of the airport in International Falls, MN. It is the smallest airport that I have ever seen. there is only one gate and Northwest is the only airlines that goes there. There were only 6 people, including Veronica and I, on this early morning flight. We flew to Minneapolis, MN. From there we flew to Detriot, MI and from there onto Norfolk. We arrived home around 1:30 this afternoon. It took us forever to get everything unpacked and put away. Then there was 2 weeks worth of mail to go through, loads of wash to do, emails to answer and it continued on. The usual after vacation stuff to catch up on things. Now we start all over again and start looking foward to next years vacation, which will be during the first 2 weeks of August. A long ways to go. I hope that you enjoyed us sharing our vacation with you. I guess now it is time to get back to real life...what a bummer!!!!

Photos of the Falls International Airport in International Falls, MN

The road leading up to customs at the Canada-U.S. border...entering the U.S. from the Canadian side at Ft.Frances leading into International Falls, MN.

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