Canadian Vacation 2008 Day 5

Veronica and I woke up at 6:30 this morning. After washing up and preparing our lunch for the day, we headed up to the lodge for breakfast. Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs with cheese, hash browns, bacon, toast, and apple juice. We then headed back to our cabin to get our gear and met our guide up in the parking lot. Today we went to a remote lake called ORD lake. We caught 78 Walleye by noon, had shore lunch and then did Musky fishing in the afternoon. We had 7 follow up to the boat but they did not take the lure. One of those was a 50 inch fish. Veronica hooked a 42 inch Tiger Musky but it got away when we were trying to net the fish. On the way back to the dock we saw the deformed deer ( please take the time to view the video below). We then drove home, had Walleye we had caught today for dinner, did some laundry and spent the rest of the night relaxing.
Overall a really good day. So good that we have changed our schedule next week so that we can go back with Andy, our guide, two more times.

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