T Minus 16 Days and Counting

Only 16 days until Veronica and I head up North, to Canada, to do some fishing and total relaxation. It has been approximately 15 months since we were there last. It will be great to see our friends up there and to see my favorite camp dog...Dakota. We already have most of our clothes packed. Just toiletries and some small items to pack up yet. It was hard to pack this year. Usually we go up to Andy Myers Lodge on Eagle Lake during the month of June. We bring mainly warm weather clothes. This year we had to bring a little of everything to cover all possibilies that mother nature might have in store for us. That time of year the weather can really change from one day to the next. It will be great to be back in the boat every morning waiting to see what adventures and fish come our way. With a little luck, we will both catch our trophy fish this year!!!!

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