Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Traveling to Come in the Future

I just found out yesterday that Veronica has several business trips that are scheduled for her to go on. If it is not a flying situation, I always try to go with her and split up the driving between the 2 of us. We will be going to Baltimore and then Pennsylvania. While in Baltimore, I want to take the opportunity to go to the harbor area and take some photos there. I would also like to go see a bakery called the Charm City Cakes. Duff Goldman is the owner and he along with his team of bakers create extreme cakes. You might have seen his show, Ace of Cakes, on the Food Network. I know that we won't be able to actually go into the bakery because entry is by appointment only but I would like to get a photo of the building. Duff and his friends make some really beautiful works of cake art. Here is a link to his official web site. If you go there, click on the "Flash" and on the next page, click on the "Cakes". It will show you approximately 160 cakes that they have created. The cakes cover all kinds of genres and styles. Some are truly amazing. I am not quite sure where we are going in Pennsylvania but I will find something interesting to photograph and share with you. This trip will be during the 2nd week in October. During the last week in October, we will be going somewhere in New Jersey. I believe it is Mt. Laurel, which is approximately 24 miles to the West of Philadelphia. Those should be some fun trips.

T Minus 16 Days and Counting

Only 16 days until Veronica and I head up North, to Canada, to do some fishing and total relaxation. It has been approximately 15 months since we were there last. It will be great to see our friends up there and to see my favorite camp dog...Dakota. We already have most of our clothes packed. Just toiletries and some small items to pack up yet. It was hard to pack this year. Usually we go up to Andy Myers Lodge on Eagle Lake during the month of June. We bring mainly warm weather clothes. This year we had to bring a little of everything to cover all possibilies that mother nature might have in store for us. That time of year the weather can really change from one day to the next. It will be great to be back in the boat every morning waiting to see what adventures and fish come our way. With a little luck, we will both catch our trophy fish this year!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pedro Sez....

Veronica and I were on our way to Charleston, SC. Driving South on I-95, there is an oasis in the middle of a desolate concrete highway. Some people call this place an institution. Others call it what is left from your daily constitution. It is a landmark of sorts. It is a place that is advertised in somewhat comical and colorful billboards. A place where someone using their perverted and warped sense of humor, commenced some of these roadway billboards as far as 175 miles in any direction, long before ever reaching this oasis. Along with these advertising billboards comes a parents worse nightmare...175 miles of "can we go there" and "are we there yet" coming from the youngsters at the top of their lungs. 175 miles of mind numbing and ear splitting squeals and verbal requests, that build up to a deafening crescendo as you inch closer to that magical destination....and we're not talking Disney World here. The requests bombard you like a boxer being worn down by an endless barrage of punches until he finally caves in and crumbles from the relentless onslaught onto the floor, just a shell of the person that he used to be. By the time you arrive, the kids have worked themselves up into a frothing frenzy. You all know that feeling....think back...you have been there before. This scenario is repeated hundreds, if not thousands, of times each and every day, much to the devious delight of the owners of this small piece of Americana. So what is this mecca of advertising genious or possibly madness? It is called....drumroll maestro......SOUTH OF THE BORDER. Yes that's right, I did actually say SOUTH OF THE BORDER. South of the Border is a roadside attraction that is in Dillon, SC. It is right near the South Carolina and North Carolins border. South of the Border was created by a man named Al Schafer, who founded a beer stand at the location in 1950 and steadily expanded it with Mexican trinkets and numerous kitsch items. He had a great deal of success because of his location, which was immediately across the border from a dry North Carolina county, and grew his small business into what was, by local standards, an economic empire. South of the Border grew to over a square mile, required its own infrastructure, and at one time had its own fire and police departments. South of the Border is a hodgepodge of fireworks stores, hotel, restaurants, snack bars, gas station, numerous chatchkis stores, theme park, more numerous chatchkis stores, a drug store, a couple of antique stores, leather store, miniature golf and did I mention chatchkis stores...I would be remiss if I forgot to mention them...I think you get the idea. South of the Border has its own mascot, whose name is Pedro, an extravagant comically mustachioed mexican "bandito". Pedro himself adorns many of the advertising billboards along with many of his famous sayings. That Pedro is a wise old soul...who is way ahead of his time and has quite a flair for the written word. Some of his more famous sayings are... Pedro's Weather Forecast: Chili today, hot tamale, Pedro's fireworks! Does yours?, Keep America Green! Bring Money!, Chile Today, Hot Tamale!, Keep yelling, kids! (They'll stop.) and the famous line...personally one of my all time favorites...You Never Sausage a Place! You're Always a Wiener at Pedro's!. Like I said, Pedro has a flair with the written word.....you gotta love it. Makes one wonder what kind of mind altering mushrooms they were doing when they concocted such great advertising lines.... absolutely shear geniuses they were. Not to mention whoever got the job of painting all of those colorful roadway masterpieces. Neither the Geico gecco nor the cavemen can compete with the advertising that Pedro has. If you have never been fortunate enough to have spent any time at South of the Border, it is one of those things you must do before you die...put it on your bucket list. Until you get the pleasure of actually being there....here is a link to the "official" South of the Border web site... http://www.pedroland.com/index.htm

Photos of South of the Border Billboard Ads From I-95

Here are some of the numerous South of the Border photos taken while we were driving on I-95.

Additional Photos From South of the Border

Sites To See While Driving on I-95

Here is a photo of a Hotel that is closed down and looks like it has been for years.

You don't see one of these very often on a main highway. Taken while driving on I-95 in North Carolina.

More photos of South of the Border Billboard Ads on I-95

Additional Photos From South of the Border

Photos From South of the Border

Photos From South of the Border

More South of the Border photos

More South of the Border photos

Photos From South of the Border

Here are some photos from some items that were for sale in one of the antique shops at South of the Border.

South of the Border Photos

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