More Photos From Our Most Recent Visit To Paris, France Part 4

Another view of Shakespeare & Company book store
Very close by to  the Shakespeare & Company book store we saw a ton of rats scurrying around on the street and feasting inside the garbage bags 

 The bottom of this garbage bag was full of rats

 We stumbled upon this bar/restaurant/sporting event venue that was fairly close to the apartment that we stayed in. Upstairs there is a bar and restaurant but on the floor below is a wrestling ring where people, both men and woman can show off their wrestling garb and moves
 One of thousands of eateries in Paris

 A quiet train station
 Incoming metro train

 Below are fountains at the Voges

 A fire alarm box

 Below is the Stravinsky Fountain near the Pompidou Centre

 A street beggar with his sidekick being kept warm and safe outside around the Pompidou Centre

Notre Dame Cathedral 

 One of the most photographed streets in Paris..Rue Cremieux

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