Today We Are In Santorini Greece Part #1

Today is Tuesday, October 6th and we have arrived in Santorini, Greece. We had been to Santorini approximately 2 years ago so we were somewhat familiar with the area. The last time we were here we took an excursion to the beautiful town of Oia, which is an approximately 45 minute drive from Fira. Because we did not have the opportunity to see a lot of Oia the last time we were here we decided to go to Oia again. We are glad we did. This Santorini visit will be divided into 2 parts due to the large number of photos taken. 

A charter boat for tours

Various views of Oia

Another charter boat

Hard to believe that I took this shameless selfie

Oia still life

Our visit to Santorini Part#2 will be coming up shortly

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