On Our Way To Venice Where A Return Flight Home Awaits Us

As the last hours of our 2015 Med cruise drift by we returned to where it all began...in Venice. We had a great time on our cruise and throughout our latest adventure. We have return tickets home with our names on them. I wish we could have stayed in Venice for just a few more days or maybe even weeks. So much that we have not seen, so many photographs yet to be taken and and in closing...so many slices of Antico Forno pizza yet to be eaten.
Here are some final photos of our return trip to Venice and as we were slowly cruising up the Giudecca Canal in the early morning hours shortly before we disembarked the ship, boarded a shuttle bus and made our way to Marco Polo Airport. A few hours after that we were back on a jet making our way back into reality.

I had a tough time photographing this ship which was off in the distance quite a ways

 Early morning hours coming into Venice

And just when I think it will be a while until Veronica and I go on our next adventure.......
January 31st - February 14th 2016
We are going to hit the high seas again but this time we will be visiting new locations...places we have never been nor seen before. 
An 11 day round trip cruise from Barcelona with a couple of pre-cruise days in Barcelona. We already have a skip the line tour set up for one of Barcelona's main attractions..La Segrada Familia. Construction of this church commenced 1882 and is still ongoing. It is expected to be completed in 2041. I have seen pictures of both the outside and inside of this special UNESCO World Heritage site and let me tell you this place is absolutely beautiful...a photographers dream.
Here is our cruise itinerary:

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