Where Has The Time Gone

Time sure has been speeding by lately. I guess keeping busy has a big part to play in it. At least I have been getting a lot of things done.
I got the finishing work done on one piece of furniture and returned home today for a doctors visit and decided to bring the piece home with me.
Just got done loading another piece of furniture that I will be working on  into the RAV4 and will be heading back up to my dads place shortly. This piece of furniture that I just completed was a piece that we had purchased at Pier 1 Imports. It is a wicker style of furniture. I just did a light paint job on it using a very dense foam roller brush. I decided to use the dense roller brush because it allowed me to have more control over the amount of paint that got applied to the piece. I wanted to make sure that the paint did not go into the lower part of the wicker weave...only wanted paint on the upper part of the wicker weave. It came out pretty good. the next piece will be more interesting to do. I will be trying to do a paint wash on this piece. Never done it before so it should be fun and exciting. If I mess up I will just slap another coat of paint on it. Time to hit the road but before I go here are some photos of the finished wicker piece.

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