Day #11 Day At Sea - On Our Way To Messina, Sicily

Today was a day at sea as we were sailing towards Messina, which would be our port of call tomorrow. This morning a group of us...Platinum Latitudes Rewards Members, which we just became with the start of this leg of the cruise, were to meet and receive an hour long "Behind the Scenes" tour of the ship. We were given a tour of the ship which included places like the crews area, crews mess area, crews bar and rec room, ships laundry area, part of the meal prep and cooking area for particular on board restaurants along with where they clean the dishes, 24 room service meal prep and cooking area, what they call the I-95 corridor where all luggage is brought on board and taken off the ship along with where all food and other items are brought on board the ship and the a tour of the bridge as seen from the bridge viewing area.
After the tour we relaxed and read books and I squeezed a nap in there at some point in time.
That evening Veronica and I got dressed up and had our photos professionally taken in the atrium area. The photo department does this on several nights during the cruise so we decided to try it out. We have never got our photos professionally done. We were under no obligation to buy anything nor was there any charge to have the photos taken. They have different locations set up for the photo shoots with different backgrounds. We chose 2 different backgrounds and we had approximately 4 different poses shot at each background. When it was all said and done, we ended up buying 5  8" x 10" photos and because we are now Platinum Latitudes Members, we get 25% of the cost of the photos and they had a special going on that for every photo purchased you got a free 5" x 7" duplicate of the same photo for free. So the total cost for everything was $73.00 and now Veronica and I have some real nice photos of us together.
After getting the photos taken, Veronica and I had reservation at Cagneys. We enjoyed our first meal there that we really wanted to go back again. For some reason the waitstaff at Cagneys decided that we were going to be celebrating our Anniversary again. So we got sung to and had another cake delivered to our table.
After dinner we went and saw another show at the Stardust Theater before returning to our cabin for the evening.

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