All Aboard The NCL Jade And Time To Leave Venice

We woke up to rain this morning but luckily the rain stopped by the time we checked out of our hotel.
It was time to maneuver our luggage back over that one bridge and walk around the Piazalle Roma and head to the people mover, so that would could get to the marina and pier where the NCL Jade was docked at.
We finally made it to where the people mover was located but had to fight our way through a big line of people that were waiting to lock their luggage up in lockers so that they would not have to drag it around while they walked around in Venice.
We bought our tickets for the people mover tram ride, which cost us 1 euro each for the one way ride and we made our way up to the second level via an elevator.
We did experience a few minor problems...Veronica got her luggage through the automated gate that opens when you push your ticket into the slot but it closed on her as she tried to walk through it. She had to go back to the ticket kiosk and pay another 1 euro for another ticket, slide it into the automated gate slot again and this time got through the gate.
When we were trying to get off the elevator, the wrong doors opened and we did not realize it. We ended going out the enter the elevator doors rather than the exit doors. This put us on the wrongs side of the tram and we could not get to the correct side without having to go back downstairs and them come back up the elevator again. The area was completely glassed off except for one doorway which was locked.
Luckily we saw a lady walk through this one locked doorway and we asked her to keep the door open for us so that we could get on the correct side. By doing this we were able to get to the entrance of the tram car and took the approximately 2 minute ride to the marina and general pier location.
Once off of the tram, we had an approximately 20 minute walk with lots of other people heading to various ship locations in the marina. I believe that there were approximately a total of 4 cruise ships in the marina and all were docked fairly close to each other. There was a Royal Caribbean, 2 MSC and the NCL Jade cruise ships docked in the marina.
When we arrive at the terminal building where the NCL Jade was docked at, we dropped our luggage off, so that they could be checked and taken to our cabin and then we entered the terminal building and got ourselves checked photos taken and our NCL id cards.
We were then allowed to board the ship at which time we immediately went and got our soda passes for the 2 weeks along with getting a couple of other issues taken care of rather quickly before the crowds got on board. Getting our soda passes turned out to be a challenge. The girl dealing with the soda passes must not have been paying attention to me because after asking her for 2 adult soda passes passes for 2 weeks, she ended up giving me 2 unlimited premium beverage passes for 2 weeks at a cost of $49 a day per person...almost a $100.00 a day before taxes and gratuities are added on. When I pointed out the error to this young lade, she promptly told me that I had asked her for the unlimited premium beverage pass. I told her that she was mistaken and that neither my wife nor I drink or rarely do we drink. Irritated...the young woman got it straightened out for us.
We then got something to eat and hung out until our cabin was ready for us.
Around 12:30 we were told that we could go to our cabin.
This was the very first time that we did not have a balcony cabin. This cruise we had an Ocean view cabin with a large picture window.
The cabin wasn't bad at all. The only thing that I missed was the lack of air flowing through the cabin. I found the cabin to get kind of stuffy without having an open window. Other that that the cabin was fine.
We got our luggage delivered to our cabin around 3 and have everything put away just in time for our mandatory muster drill, which covers emergency procedures.
After the muster drill was completed, we went back up  onto one of the higher decks where we would have a great view as we watch the other cruise ships pull out of the port and then it was our turn. I found a nice location to take photos as we slowly sailed out of Venice.
After a while Veronica and I went to dinner and then headed back to our cabin for the evening.
Below are photos taken during the day, of our cabin #8266 on the NCL Jade and of our sailing out of Venice:
This was our ocean view cabin with a large picture window. 

This is the Atrium on the NCL Jade
They had these acrylic flowers everywhere on the ship. This ship used to be based in Hawaii and still carries that theme throughout
  Below are several photos that I took from our ship overlooking out onto the marina

You could see the important buildings of Venice from where we were

People below lined up to get on the cruise ship

A river cruise ship is docked at the marina
If you look closely you might be able to see the outline of the Alps in the background

The 3 other cruise ships left before we did and you can see how big these ships are compared to the buildings

If you look closely or double click on the photo, you can see bunches of people lined up on that top deck watching as then depart the pier and Venice

This tug boat has been helping each and every other cruise ship get out of the harbor and now it is our turn to get an assist

The harbor in Venice is extremely busy with all sorts of different types of boats

The yacht below is owned by a very wealthy individual
Below is the floating community also known as the world

Some really beautiful sights and architecture can be seen as we made our way out of the Venice harbor and lagoon area. It really is impressive.

Assorted photos as the sun sets over the Venetian lagoon

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