Hurricane Irene Update

All of our preparations are finished so now it is time to play the waiting game. Hurricane Irene is currently South of us and will most likely make landfall just South of us also. As it stand right now, it appears that Hurricane Irene will come in as a category 2 storm. The pressure at the center of the storm is 946mb which is a very low barometric pressure and those low numbers are usually seen in Category 3 or stronger hurricanes.
Some of the most Northern rain bands of Irene are just about to hit Hatteras.
This is a huge storm that is moving rather slowly, so it will linger for quite some time after it arrives here.
It is currently 85 degrees and somewhat sunny outside as the sun peaks through the clouds. There isn't much of a breeze here yet but that will all change as we get closer to the arrival of Hurricane Irene.

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