Another Followup On Charter Communications Service

On 4/3, I made a blog entry that covered several thoughts. One of them being the problems that were we having with our Charter Internet Service.
A representative from Charter Communications, an Abby Catron - Social Media Communications Specialist from Town & Country, MO 63017 wrote me because she had seen my blog entry.
On a followup email to Abby, I explained a few issues and thoughts that I had concerning Charter Communications.
Abby was kind enough to email me back and gave me a credit for a months worth of internet service to make up for the problems with the internet service that we had experienced.
I wanted to publicly Thank Abby for taking the time to write me and make things right.
Unfortunately it seems that the steps that Charter Communications took forward, well today they took twice as many backwards.
It was already a tough day to begin with...**see earlier blog entry just prior to this one.
After receiving the results from an MRI that I had done, I was pretty well tied up trying to make contact with several medical professionals to discuss the results of that MRI and also to figure out a game plan on what to do next and also make several appointments.
A lot of these calls were long distance, not that this makes much difference in what happened.
Several times while trying to make these calls, I could not get a dial tone on any of the home phones.
After checking off and on during the day, we discovered that our phone service would intermittently shut down.
I was actually in the middle of discussing the MRI results with my Oncologists nurse only to be talking to myself because the phone service shut down.
Over the period of several hours during this already hectic and stressful day, both Veronica and I would check our house phone and noticed that our phone calls were getting redirected to our telephone service mailbox....aka voicemail.
We couldn't get those messages by the usual way....using our home phones because our phone service was out.
We then tried to access our telephone mailbox using our cell phones but we didn't know the access code. We had never needed to access our telephone mailbox with actually using our home phone so we didn't really know what our code was.
Now try to imagine getting some really potentially bad medical results and trying to juggle 3-4 different medical entities while trying to take care of this business on a telephone that worked for 30 seconds and then didn't for minutes at a time. Now add in the fact that we couldn't access our telephone mailbox and then throw in a dash of getting cut of in the middle of a medical discussion after finally being able to get through to someone on our home phone.
Needless to say, I was at wits end and really did not need this added aggravation on top of what was already a tough day.
I ended up calling up a Charter Service personal and told him about the problem.
He ran a few tests and then had me unplug our phone modem, wait a few seconds and plug it back it.
After the modem went through its upload cycle, it appeared to be working. It did not work for long and has been going on and off for several hours since I spoke to that a matter of fact, it is still down as I write.
The tech that I spoke to said that there was something wrong with our line connection and not getting the right "power"..I think that is the word he used but not positive.
Either way, tomorrow afternoon I have a Charter service personnel arriving to make some type of adjustments so that our telephone will work properly.
Until then I guess I can sit and watch the green "telephone 1" light on my modem box go one and off and dream of possibly better days to come.
One last thing I would like to mention...our contract with Charter Communications ended about a month ago. Silly me...I ended up signing up for a 2 year bundle plan so that I could lock in our payments at a specific rate just in case Charter Communications increased them during that 2 year contract period and because it was cheaper to do a long term plan compared to a short term deal.
And what is worse is that if I back out of the contract, I get penalized a pro rated amount for each month left on that 2 year contract.
I hope that you readers will excuse me now...besides having to try to regroup from today's stressful issues, I now also need to go into the bathroom and remove the lettering from my forehead that spells out "stupid".

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