Flowers Of The Day

Well are the last flower photos that I will be taking before Veronica and I leave for a week. Unfortunately, I will most likely miss out on some, if not all, of the Peony blooms.
Here is a photo of a rose. They start out yellow and kind of orange and the fade to pink.
Her are 2 more Peony photos. I like the bottom one because it is two tone....white and pink


Anita said...

Oh how beautiful! I'm always mesmerized by the brillant colors and lovely textures of your flowers! Quite lovely indeed! Have a great vacation!

Wendy said...

Lovely pics. Have a great time away ☺

Si's blog said...

Spectacular flowers. What is the name of that rose and the white with pink tinge peony?

Anna Elissa said...

They look big, like cauliflowers. Fresh, soft, and pretty.

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