Birthday Party Followup

By all accounts, my Dad had a great Birthday Party and he really enjoyed himself...which is the most important thing. Veronica and I went back down to help with the cleanup last night. About 90% of the decorations were taken down in about an hour of so. It took about 5-6 hours spread out over several days to get everything decorated and only about an hour to get it taken down. There is still just a few things to get done and I will tackle them this morning. Veronica and I can now focus a litttle more on our upcoming Alaskan cruise vacation which coming up in 19 days. Before that gets here, Veronica has to fly up to Detroit for some type of training session. She will leave this upcoming Sunday and return late Thursday night. When she returns, we will start packing our bags up. I always enjoy the packing up of our bags portion of the trip. It usually means that bigger things are on the horizon for us.


Dottie Seubert said...

Good Morning Rick:
As I wrote to Veronica, I am so happy that everything went well for your Dads party, and that it made him Happy he was the one that counted. The Elders kept silent as I think they knew better. You and Veronica showed them what wonderful hosts you could be and that you had done it for your Dad. everything looked very nice. so now it will be getting ready for you next adventure together . Wow I wish it were us going on that trip! That is our dream one day.
again Good job!
Hugs ; }

Tanna said...

You are the ONLY person I know who enjoys the packing!! LOL! I would like to travel more except for the packing!

So happy your Dad's party went well!

Anonymous said...

I love traveling but I hate packing... I always wait at the very last minute. I don't know why...

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