More photos from Andy Myers Lodge at Eagle Lake in Canada

The first 2 photos are of the float planes that pick up guests for a day of fishing at remote lakes. The plane returns the guests back to the lodge in time for dinner.

Here is a photo of our friend Ken who is a guide out of Andy Myers Lodge. We went with Ken to Lac Suel for some fishing. I had a Walleye on my line and was reeling it in, when all of a sudden the Walleye took off and was trying to get away from something and go to deeper water. The next thing I know, I have a much heavier fish fighting me at the other end of my line. Upon bringing the fish into the boat, it turned out to be a 39" Northern Pike. There was no sign of the Walleye that I had originally had on my line. It either got away or the Northern had eaten it.

Another nice Walleye caught on Lac Suel

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Toni said...

I'm really impressed -- I've ALWAYS wanted to do that (fish I mean) ... I'd probably fall overboard if I caught something that huge & gorgeous. (p.s. Will ya look at the arms on the fisherman?)

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