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Yesterday, after a 10 month journey and traveling 422 million miles, NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander softly landed on the North Pole of Mars. That event got me to thinking about a couple of things. One would be the vastness of space and the 2nd would be the possibilty of some type of life out there. Just think about it...422 million miles and this vehicle never reached the end of space as we know it. Is there an actual end to space or does it go on forever? Maybe there is a brick wall with a sign that says go back or dead end ahead. Or maybe a sign that says "last gas station" for the next trillion miles. Or with my luck, a brick wall with a sign attached that says "No U-Turns Allowed". Can generations and generations traveling on a non stop journey ever reach the end? What else could be out there beyond what even the strongest of telescopes have uncovered. Are we alone in the endless mass of space and time. Personally I don't think so. Somewhere out there, there must be something or someone and maybe that something or someone is thinking the same thing that I am....are we alone? Just gets a person to thinking a little bit. Our planet is just a small speck of sand on the biggest beach in the world. There has got to be more than what we see or know. Lastly, if NASA can build, send and land a vehicle 422 million miles away, then why can't the auto companies build a car that can get better gas mileage? I guess I will save that thought for another day.

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